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The Australian Bat Clinic was a wildlife rescue and conservation facility located in Queensland, Australia, but with a reputation spreading as far afield as Victoria and Western Australia.
Eventually the facility was shut down following a series of wildlife department raids and allegations of animal abuse from business rivals in the wildlife charity space.
Other bat rescue organisations and wildlife rescue groups, cannibalized donations from benefactors, leaving the Australian Bat Clinic with insufficient funds to continue to operate.
Mega-business outfits like the Irwin Family "Wildlife Warriors" continue to vacuum up donations from well meaning people wanting to help save wildlife and also large amounts of government funds paid out for so-called "wildlife rescue", a lot of which is in one form or another spent on shameless self-promotion.
This is all while genuine hands-on wildlife conservation outfits are literally starved of funds to do their critically important work.
Facilities like Australian Bat Clinic in Queensland, Whyalla Fauna Park in South Australia, Monbulk Animal Kingdom in Victoria and many others have been forced to close due to lack of funds and non-stop government harassment, because they were viewed as competing with dysfunctional government-owned or government backed businesses.
The casualty is wildlife conservation in Australia, and it is no surprise that Australia is now a world leader in the mass extinctions of wildlife species.
This website, formally controlled by the Australian Bat Clinic is now maintained to highlight genuine wildlife conservation initiatives from across Australia and elsewhere, including those who are often not only starved of government funds, but at times are victims of government harassment as they are seen as competing with government-owned or government-backed businesses.
This domain hosts pages dedicated to some of Australia's leading wildlife conservation icons and not the animal abusers often touted by the tabloiid media as conservationists.
To be featured here does not require a lot of money and connections in government.
Instead who is featured here is determined solely by their contributions to willdife conservation and the contribution they have made either to wildlife conservation in Australia, or society in general.
If you know someone who should be featured here, let us know at:
Working as a team, we really can save Australia's threatened wildlife, including the bats, the snakes and marine life and other often hated or neglected forms.

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